Climate Sign

1 year project so far

I worked with Susan Murcott and Gabby Cazares over the summer of 2020 to ideate and design a climate clock to put on MIT's campus to rival the CITGO sign across the Charles river and urge the general public and MIT to take action to fight climate change. We were inspired by this climate clock project.

Our team grew to add Gaurav Patekar, Jillian James, and Jenning Chen! We continued to work on the project and finally got the climate sign implemented on campus on April 22nd (Earth Day) of 2021!

Check out our code and github repo HERE

Our data is aligned with the IPCC report and should closely mirror the numbers displayed on the Mercator Institute Website

Tools: Zoom, Emails, HMTL, Javascript, Projector & RaspberryPi computer
Date: Summer 2020-Present

Current Updates

The most current project page is here:

Lowry Yankwich, took it on himself to write and publish the climate clock article on the MIT Climate Portal linked down below and co-authored a 4-page article which was the basis for Nancy Adams’ DLAB blog, and in turn led content in the Boston Globe and the other publications on the list.

Julie Simpson, who has been working with Susan Murcott, has been in the background supporting the Climate Clock since the beginning.

Finally, we couldn’t have done this initial projection without the help of Rob Shea at MIT AV and the Campus Construction Crew: Paul J Murphy III ; Michael A Smith ; Lachlan J Patterson ; Sarah MacDonald-Williams; Sonia A Richards ; Monica Lee ;

Paul is the Lead Facilities, point of coordination. Mike is MIT Dept of Building Construction/Dept of Facilities.

If you want to read more about our project and our progress check out the links below!


Boston Globe April 24th 2021: Article Here

MIT D-Lab April 22nd 2021: Article Here

Climate Portal December 16th, 2020: Article Here

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