Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Masters of Engineering: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science; AI concentration
Class of 2023 | Cambridge, MA | GPA: 4.6/5.0
Research: Quadrupole Mass Filters in Miniature Mass Spectrometry for Cube Satellites specializing on double head extrusion of conductive elements for monolithic construction as well as RF low power driving circuits and custom PCBs with integrated microcontrollers
Master's thesis: Monolithically 3-D Printed, Quadrupole Mass Filter for High-Precision, Compact, CubeSat Mass Spectrometry
Paper: Miniature, 3-D Printed RF Quadrupole Mass Filters for Cubesats

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) B. S. Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Class of 2021 | Cambridge, MA | GPA: 4.6/5.0
Minors: Latin American and Latinx Studies Minor; Environment and Sustainability Minor
Relevant Coursework: How to Make Anything(6.943), Robotics(6.141), Microcomputer Lab(6.115), Digital Lab(6.111), Artificial Intelligence(6.034), Comp. Eng., Comp. Structures, Circuits & Electronics (6.002), Programming Fund., Diff. Eqns, MV-Calculus, E/M Physics, Portuguese 3 & 4, Span Lit, Latin American Studies

Professional Experience

Hermiona Education
Academic Consultant/Tutor | 2023-Present| Remote
Consulting and tutoring for engineering, technical interviews, programming, math, Spanish, and college essays

The Velásquez Group at MIT
Graduate Researcher EE/Mech./Comp. Engineer | 2021-2023| Cambridge, MA
Quadrupole Mass Filters in Miniature Mass Spectrometry for Cube Satellites specializing in RF low-power driving circuits, custom PCBs with integrated ESP32 microcontrollers (C++) and 3-D printing of conductive elements (CAD)

MIT Career Fair Sustainability Initiative (Carbon Emissions Data)
Data Scientist (Environmental Solutions Initiative) | Jan-Nov 2021 | Cambridge, MA
Collecting & curating company scope 1/2 emissions on a custom website for MIT Career Fair student use

Electronic Control System for Evaporative Cooling Chambers for Improved Vegetable Storage in Low-Income Rural Communities
UG Researcher (Head Researcher:Eric Verploegen MIT’s D-Lab) | Feb 2020-Jan 2021 | Cambridge, MA
Creating an electronic system to control an evaporative cooling system.
Implementing relay circuitry with 12V DC to power fans & water pumps with manual overrides.
Using Arduino to interface sensors, transfer data between SD cards, create a user interface, and control airflow, temp, humidity, etc.

Micron Technology Development Intern
Intern | Summer 2019 | Boise, Idaho
Developed and implemented a testing system (using ADCs, DACs, Multiplexers, etc.) based on swarm technology from scratch using Arduino Microcontrollers with an I2C and SPI protocol interfacing with IC chips
Optimized life-extension of ring oscillators using this system to break away from traditional brute force methods

Iberdrola Wind Energy Internship in Brazil
Wind Energy Intern | June 2018 - August 2018 | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Optimized wind farm layout for a future wind farm installment
Reviewed proposals for a new data transmission cybersecurity network in order to create a new operation center in Rio
Delivered a forty minute technical presentation on Wind Energy in Brazil (topics included substations/power electronics and prospecting new locations for future wind farms) in Portuguese to the director of the company

JAVA and C Mobile App Development for Computer Vision Biometrics
Undergraduate Researcher | October 2017 - June 2018 | Cambridge, MA
Worked on programming mobile applications for Android platforms using the SDK and NDK that utilizes plethysmography to monitor heart rate. (Head Researcher: Dr. Rich Fletcher MIT's Development-Laboratory)
Helped to create mobile health solutions to address the shortage of clinical doctors and nurses in developing countries by specifically designing and implementing peak detection on blood volume data through convolution.

Computer Languages: Python, C++, Autodesk Fusion 360, JAVA, Verilog, Assembly RISC V, 8051 Assembly

Languages: Fluent in Spanish, English, and Portuguese

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Project Portfolio

Teaching Experience

Educator of Computer Engineering & Robotics in Peru
Lima, Peru | January 2020
Created lesson plans & taught circuitry, programming, and 3D printing in Spanish to students ages 12-16.

Educator of Computer Engineering & Robotics in Spain
Educator | January 2019 | Palma, Mallorca
Created lesson plans & taught circuitry, programming, and engineering in English/Spanish to students ages 12-18 while staying with a host family.

Leadership Experience

MIT Student Sustainability Coalition Representative(SSC) to the Climate Action Advisory Committee (CAAC)
Cambridge, MA | 2020 - Present
I represent most of the climate/sustainability oriented groups on campus in meetings regarding Climate Action on MIT's campus.
I interact with a majority faculty and staff body to come to solutions on major issues on campus such as the creation of MIT's next Climate Action Plan.

MIT Outdoors Club(MITOC) - Co-Leader, and MIT Climbing Wall Staff
Cambridge, MA | 2019 - Present
Planned, organized, & led winter hikes/outdoor adventure; Opened & staffed the MIT Climbing Wall (for UG, Grad, & community)

The Chorallaries of MIT (a cappella) - Webmaster, Social Chair
Cambridge, MA | 2017 - Present
Maintain website w/ a database; plan social events e.g. dinners & check-ins; engage & mentor incoming members

Activities & For Fun

Music Across a Lifetime: MIT Chamber Choir, MIT Wind Ensemble, The Chorallaries of MIT 2009-Present
MIT Club Climbing Team: Member Cambridge, CA Feb 2020- Present
Outdoor Favorites: Rock Climbing Pão de Açúcar, 125mi bike volunteer (Boston Harbor ⇒ P-Town), 2mi snorkel along FEN
Other Interests: RockClimbing/Backpacking/UltraRunning/Soccer/Making Awesome Projects
Certifications: Heartsaver First Aid CPR AED certified, Wilderness First Aid Certified

Relevant Links

Personal Github
Sketchfab 3D Model Portfolio
Article about me from MIT ESI
Chorallaries Website that I maintained
Story of Immigration


"Creative Communication" award for my research video submitted to J-WAFS World Food Day Video Competition

Cadence's 2020 Latinx Students in Technology Scholarship