Going Plantbased

For Health and for the Environment!

Going plantbased!

Tools: Let's save our planet!
Date: Jan 2021

1. Climate

Here's a good place to get started and learn about climate change and our world–by MIT: MIT Climate Primer

Also check out this really awesome website that has possibe solutions and the amount of emissions reductions the solutions would make! https://drawdown.org/solutions/table-of-solutions

2. Sustainability and Food:

Becoming more sustainable is a process and as you slowly wade in you'll become more and more passionate and interested. An eye opening piece of information for me was my own green house gas emissions. Check out this link to find yours! Ecological Footprint Calculator! Try it!

This page has some of the most comprehensive data on food groups that I've seen: The Carbon Footprint of Food

I thought this was a pretty cool article to get a good grounding relating food to our world: NY Times Article on Food & Climate Change

Check out 10 reasons to go vegan!: 10 Reasons

3. Going Vegan

After reading the last links you should start to get the idea that eating more plantbased is good for the environment. But how do you go about it eating more plantbased?

Here is my personal look at what I try to eat and incorporate into my diet, keeping in mind several recommendations across different sources. Alejandro's Guide to Eating Vegan!

Also this is a great kickstarter to eating plantbased that will get you inspired and give you some great ideas! 14-Day Plant-Based Kickstarter

4. Health and Food:

Seminal Paper on the Causes of Death in the US in 1993, it reveals a surprising amount of insight on the benefits of less meat.

5. Bonus Stuff

Why/How to reduce plastic?

This is a sick link!- Healthy Living Tips