Educating Myself & Donating

I realized I don't know a lot about so many topics concerning human rights and atrocities and how to help (especially occrurences near me) So I thought I'd start educating myself.

There's some learning and some places to donate on here. It's a work in progress.

Feel free to reach out to me with questions:

1. Educate Yourself
2. Donate

Educating Myself

Recent MIT interview about American Indians and how MIT has played a mostly harmful and negative role with respect to them. There are also many resources at the bottom of the page:

Atrocities against the Native American people. My friend Sydney sent this to me. I haven't confirmed all of the statements in this website, but what I have confirmed seems to be correct and I think it's fairly comprehensive: Atrocities against the Native American people

Black Lives Matter Campaign in 1951 (also many other American Social Movements from 1870s-1970s):

Sterilization in the US:

Sterilization in Peru, which I learned about in class at MIT: sterilization in Peru

Places to Donate to support Native American People:
I'm planing to donate to NARF

Donate to Ukrainian charities: