Alejandro Diaz🇲🇽🇵🇹

About Me

Just finished my MIT Masters of Engineering degree! Currently traveling, climbing, practicing yoga & calisthenics, and getting outside!

Spreading tips, positivity & activism :).

Also I'm Portuguese🇵🇹 and Mexican🇲🇽! Speak to me in Spanish and Portuguese too!
Code updated from/inspired by Naomi

Climbing Resume

Backpacking/Trail Running


  • Crow to Handstand Press '21
  • Flying Crow '21


  • Strict One-Arm Pullup Feb. '22
  • Front Lever '21
  • Muscleup '20
  • One Arm Push-up '19


I got featured on ABC Good Morning America!!! I was on for only a second at 1:06, but to the right is the thumbnail they used. You can find the full segment Here On Their Page!

Training/Random Links

If you are looking to take your climbing to the next level take a look at this cool article on for some ideas.

If you want to advance your handstands/handbalancing check out this sick chart from u/jonathanfv off of reddit (I modified it a bit).

If you want to see a hype video about the start of free climbing and redpointing check out: Rotpunkt | Alex Megos and the Advent, the Agony and the Art of the Redpoint